Notis Transaksi

a.    You agree and accept that any Instructions which you may issue shall at all times be subject to such limits and conditions as may be fixed or specified by ASNB from time to time at its absolute discretion.
b.    In cases that involve or require the consent or approval of third parties, ASNB's obligations to perform any transaction would be subject to such consent and approval being obtained by you.
c.    You shall ensure that there are sufficient funds and/or units at all times available in your bank and/or investment accounts to perform any of your transactions.
d.    You agree that ASNB has the absolute right to add, suspend, limit, withdraw, cancel or vary any transactions, facilities, services and/or products that can be accessed by you through the website and/or portal and the scope and/or extent of such transactions, facilities, services and/or products.
e.    You hereby authorize ASNB to comply with all transaction(s) given in respect of the website and/or portal accessed using your Username and Password as transactions(s) properly authorized by you even if they may conflict with any other mandate given at any time concerning your accounts or affairs.
f.    You agree that such transactions(s) shall be binding on yourself upon its transmission to ASNB and the transactions cannot be changed or withdrawn without ASNB’s consent and that ASNB is not further obliged to check the authenticity of such transactions(s).
g.    You agree that ASNB is entitled to debit your account(s) to effect any transaction instructed by you.
h.    You hereby agree that it is your responsibility to review the transaction record(s) pertaining to any website and/or portal transaction initiated on your instruction.
i.    Should you have any reason to believe that a transaction has not been accurately or completely received by ASNB, you shall inform ASNB by written letter not later than fifteen (15) working days after transmission of the relevant transaction(s).
j.    Where you give instructions to ASNB to effect transactions in relation to the website and/or portal, you shall provide accurate and complete details as required by ASNB.
k.    You agree that ASNB has the sole and absolute right to require you to maintain a minimum balance at any one time in your ASNB account(s).
l.    Any transactions transmitted by you after the relevant cut-off time on any day, will be posted in ASNB’s system(s) on the next Business Day following the date of the transaction.

Fees and/or Charges
a.    You understand that there are fees and charges that are directly and indirectly charged to you. All charges are non-negotiable. 
b.    You acknowledge that you are responsible for all fees, charges, taxes and duties imposed by service providers/Network Service Provider in enabling you to access and/or connect to the website and/or portal. 
c.    You agree and acknowledge that ASNB reserves the right to debit your relevant account(s) for the payment of any fees and charges or taxes and/or penalties imposed pursuant to any transaction done by you. 

Last updated : 13/09/2016

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